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Alrighty it has been a while since the real Wet Puppy has put up a good movie review but this movie is well worth it. It is none othr than the sophmore effort from Catch Your Breath Productions and it is called Detour.

First off it is about a group of friends who, while going back to the city, wind up getting lost because of a detour and all the hijinx that goes on. The movie is packed full of characters and quotes that make it very memorable and well worth watching. I, myself, snagged the DVD which is loaded with extras including a blooper real, two featurettes, the original trailor, a q & a with the cast, and an audio commentarey track. Personally I have only watched the blooper reel and the movie itself but plan on watching the rest real soon. I wanted to get a review up here and make sure everyone knows about this film.

First thing that you will notice about the film is that it is once again shot with digital video. I, personally, think that it makes the film look a bit more believable.

the second thing that you will notice is some of the actors/actresses that were in Goodbye to you are also in Detour. most of them do not play the same parts although you will hear the characters that they played mentioned.

I am gonig to first review the movie itself and then go ontp the actors individually. Hold onto your seats. the Detour is about to begin.

the movie starts off with Eric Walker and Sean's comic book getting cancelled. Eric goes to a bar to drown his sorrows and gets asked to a party, along with the bartender, a little later. After "volunteering" to give Steve DeForge and Kyle and Julie a ride into the city, the hilarity begins. I don;t want to give too much away and really can;t but suffice it to say the movie delivered. I laughed at the gas station attendant scene. I roared when the car got stolen. Grossed out by the beekeeper. Loved Kyle and Julie. Liked the hooker. Enjoyed the scene I like to call "the Benny Hill Tribute Scene". If you have even seen the Benny Hill show you will know what I mean as soon as you see the scene.

Now onto the actors/actresses. Once again I am gonig to divide them up into the guys and gals. First the guys.

Jon Saulmon as Eric Walker. Jon plays a comic writer/artist of a hit comic book that gets cancelled after the first issue. Because of Jon's performance you really believe the character and the emotions that he portrays. Once again he hands in a stellar performance.

Michael Zarnock as Artie. I have to mention Mike here because he does an over the top performance of a comic book publisher. He is the one that starts the ball rolling by cancelling Eric's comic book. Just the gestures and the facial expressions are great!!!

Tom Karpe as "Harpoon" Eddy. Once again Tom hands in an awesome performance as a wise guy extraordinaire. Him and jon Saulmon are great foils for each other and along with Adam Bach form a great trio in this movie. My favorite scene with tom is the surreal Benny Hill type scene. hilarious!!!!! Plus most all of Tom's lines are just plain funny!!!

Dave Dellecese as Kyle.....hilarious. Mastermind behind CYB Productions. I enjoy the hijinx he has Kyle get up to in the entire movie. He also has some of the best quotes in the picture.

Adam Bach is the new coming with his character Steve deForge. He plays a stoner guitar player that hitches a ride back to the city with our hapless heroes. I persoanlly think he does a great job. Some of the more memorable moment with his character are when he tries to buy drugs in the middle of farm country and when they are leaving the porno mansion. Just the way he slips and slides all over the place is a RIOT!!! Plus he delovers his lines really well too. Did a good job!!

These to me are the main guys in the pic. the ones that get honorable mention are Brian Wozniac for his "Officer Ballbuster" roll, Bill Egert as Sean, tony Canata as the "Farmer", Daniel Dellecese and the drug dealer, and Cody Zarnock and "Little Kyle." I also have to mention Bob Elinskas and Jason Wright who play office workers. they also have some extremely funny lines in the pic!! I didn't mean to leave anyone out but suffive it to say everyone did an awesome job!!

Now onto the ladies. I have to say this first that there weren't as many ladies in lead roles in this movie. Most of time was spent on Eddie, Eric, Steve, Kyle, and Julie.

Jessica Kirby as Julie. This woman has the roll of julie down to an art!! I love her lines and whole attitude that she has for the character. She has some of the better lines once again and is a good foil for Dave Delleceese's Kyle. Great job Jessica!!!!

Missi Marois as Veronica. She is the reason that Eric wants to go to the party. I wish she had some more screen time because what I saw there had promise. I only hope that Dave is able to get her for some future films.

Mary Lou Zuccala as the Nun. OMG this nun was a riot!1 She really didn;t have that many lines but the parts and the expressions on her face were priceless!!! I really don;t want to go into detaiul describing her role but suffice it to say that she made me laugh!!!

Now onto the honorable mentions. First off there was Clare Fitzgerald as the ditzy secretary. Completely funny. Audry Hall as the hooker that they meet up with. She puts on a southern accent that just drives me nuts. Emily Peterman and Britney who was Kyle's girlfriend before Julie. Every one of the ladies did an outstanding job and the film as a whole made me laugh.

Now I am going to go onto my one and only complaint!! DAve are ya reading this?? Good!!

IT WAS TOO DAMN SHORT!!!! I wanted more laughter and hijinx!! Just as I get rolling it ends!! DAMN!!!

But once again I loved the movie and Catch your Breath Productions avoids the sophmore jinx and comes out with a real winner. And like Goodbye To You I am gonig to have to give this film a 4. IO wish I could give it a 4 and a half but this damn page won't let me.

I can;t wait until the third film!1 It is suppossed to be a real killer!!!

Good job everyone at CYB!!!! You should all take a bow!!!

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