Frequently Asked Questions
by Marty Krellman

As we're sure you may know, we get hundreds of emails a week asking Michael all kinds of questions
So.... Before you write us with your questions, please take the time to look below and see if your question is already here.
Believe it or not, a lot of them are the same.
If the answer to your question is not here, then please by all means, contact us.
As always, thank you for your support!

Will you buy my collection?
We do not buy complete collections only because we don't sell anything. We may thin things out here and there if we upgrade an item for the museum, but as a whole, we do not sell. Since we have so many items already, buying a collection would not be advantageous for us. There are a couple of different avenues that you can take.
1. Find a Hobby or Toy Shop in your area and see if they would like to buy them or even sell them on consignment.

2. There are places like:
The Toy Peddler who will be happy to help sell your collection!
Please tell them we sent you!

3. There are people out there that will put your items on ebay for you.
You will have to drop off or ship your collection to them and they usually charge 10% of what each item sells for. It all depends on how they work it.

4. You can take the time and list them on ebay yourself.
This is actually the best way for you to make the most amount of money.

Are you able to appraise my collection?
Yes, we do appraise collections for collectors needing a value for an insurance policy or a claim. We also appraise for court settlements and ebay "Fake" claims. We do testify in court if needed.
We also issue a "Certificate of Authenticity" if we verify a car that has been of suspected origin.
Contact us for rates and expenses.

I have what I think is the number 271 Funny Car out of the package. Is it still worth $3500?
NO! The key word is "Number".... That car, and all of the other high dollar Collector Number cars (12, 30, 47, 50, 51....) are only worth the money when they are still on the numbered card!
It's the card that makes all the value. Those cars came in many other packages and are only worth the money to collectors that are trying to complete their Collector Number package collection.

Is the date on the bottom of the car the date the car was made?
NO. The date on the bottom of the car is the date that the casting (car design) was copyrighted. Those castings are used year after year.

If the date on the bottom is not the date when the car was made, then how can I tell tell when it was?
The only way to tell when a car was released is to look it up in any one of the guides that are out there, or ask someone who is an avid collector.

I have a bunch of cars with Redlines on the tires. What are they worth?
Condition is everything. You have no idea how many times someone will have a car that is all beat up with little or no paint on it, a broken window, missing a hood and only 2 wheels and think it's worth money. Something in that condition is worthless. Cars that are in good shape, with very few chips, not much wear on the decals and with good wheel centers and are in presentable condition are what collectors are looking to buy.

If you feel your question has not been answered above, please contact us here:


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