"Mike Zarnock at the 2009 Die Cast Space Super Convention in Las Vegas.

Probably the best part of doing what I do is getting to meet and make friends with all kinds of people around the world!
The coolest part is that I get to meet people that I never actually thought that I would ever get to meet.
As a kid growing up in central New York, I only saw these people through TV or in magazines.
I idolized them and their creations and dreamed of maybe someday seeing their creations in person,
let alone meeting them and having them as friends that I could call on the phone and talk to....
On this page are some of those friends that I got to meet at the Diecast Space Super Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Zarnock and George Barris
How cool is this? Here I am with George Barris!
Sitting next to him talking with him about all those great cars I grew up watching on TV....

Mike Zarnock, George Barris


Luis Tanahara, Chris Zarnock, Mike Zarnock, George Barris

George Barris
George Barris

Barris Batmobile
Autographed photo of the Batmobile!
You know this baby is hanging on my wall....
Check out all the Barris Kustom Kars at www.barris.com

Mike Zarnock and Tom Daniel
I got to meet and hang out with Tom Daniel, another one of my all time favorite car designers!

Mike Zarnock and Tom Daniel

I got Tom to autograph the 1970 Hot Wheels Annual.
Below is a good shot of it.

Tom DanielTom Daniel

Mike Zarnock
Mike signing a book to Tom Daniel


If you didn't already know, Tom is the man that designed the Hot Wheels Red Baron, Paddy Wagon, Sand Crab, Ice "T" and The S'Cool Bus!
He also did about 80 other different cars that were done as Monogram Model Kits.
Check out all of Tom Daniel's creations at www.TomDaniel.com

Carson Lev
I got to see my good friend Carson Lev again!
I meet Carson when he was in charge of Hot Wheels design at Mattel.
He is the man responsible for making the Twin Mill and Deora II coming to life!
He is now VP of Foose Design (Chip Foose) and owner of Redphin Productions.

Carson Lev

Jeff Glasson, Carson Lev, Mike Zarnock
Jeff Glasson, Carson Lev, Mike Zarnock

Carson Lev
Carson Lev getting his award to the Die Cast Hall of Fame.

Larry Wood and Mike Zarnock
Here is one of "Mr Hot Wheels" Larry Wood and me.

Larry Wood
Another of Larry talking at dinner.

Larry Wood
Larry has been a designer with Hot Wheels since 1969 and is responsible for countless Hot Wheels castings!

Larry Wood, Bob Parker and Mike Zarnock
Larry Wood, Bob Parker and Mike Zarnock talking Hot Wheels!

Mike Zarnock and Bob Parker
Can't have a convention without a photo of Mike Zarnock and Bob Parker!

Mike ZarnockBob Parker
Hot Wheels Author Bob Parker and I had to work off our Coffee and Doughnut debt at the Super Convention!

Bob Parker
Bob Parker receiving his award to the Die Cast Hall of Fame.

Bruce Pascal and Mike Zarnock
Bruce Pascal and I together at dinner. Check out Bruce's Hot Wheels necktie!

Mike Zarnock and Bruce Pascal
Bruce and I signing posters for the Super Convention.
Bruce is the owner of the $72,000.00 Pink Rear Loading Hot Wheels Beach Bomb.

Big Lou Tanahara
"Big Lou" Tanahara getting his award to the Die Cast Hall of Fame.

Mike Zarnock and Dennis Roth
Mike and Dennis "Lil Daddy" Roth (son of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth)
Very cool guy!

MIke Zarnock, Dennis Roth

Mike Zarnock, Dennis Roth
No, Dennis "Lil Daddy" Roth is not describing at girl he met....
He's telling Mike a story about Von Dutch coming over to their house and hanging with his dad Big Daddy.

Dennis drawing on a "Zarnock" T-shirt for Cody Zarnock

Dennis "Lil Daddy" Roth, Jeff Glasson
Dennis with Die Cast Audio's Jeff Glasson
Check out Dennis Roth's site "Who's Yer Daddy"

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