Mike Zarnock's Trip To Watkins Glen
and the Last Stop of the Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Road Trip!

Roland and Mike
Here is Mike with Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club member Roland.

Rhode Island HW's Club in Watkins Glen
Here is a group of Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club members that made the trip to get their Custom Otto!
What a fun bunch....

Mike and Hot Wheels Hunny
Here is Mike Zarnock with Blair, one of the Hot Wheels Girls at the Watkins Glen event.

Bob Parker and Hot Wheels Hunny Blair
Of course Bob Parker could not resist getting his picture taken with Blair too.

Hot Wheels Hunny's at The Glen!
Here are all of the Hot Wheels Girls in one photo.... opps, one's getting away.... LOL

Zarnock - Wood - Pascal
A rare photo of Mike Zarnock, Mr. Hot Wheels Larry Wood and Bruce Pascal.

Rhode Island invades The Glen
The Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club again.

Mike and Lee
Mike and Hot Wheels collector Lee.

Watkins Glen Hot Wheels Promo 2008
Here is the Custom Otto that was designed just for this event.

Watkins Glen Hot Wheels Promo Back 2008
Here is that back of the Custon Otto package for the Watkins Glen event.

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