World's Largest Hot Wheels Collection
Mike Zarnock's "World Famous" Hot Wheels Collection

Click the video to see The Worlds Largest Hot Wheelss Collection on Hot Wheels TV!

This Hot Wheels Exhibit
While at the Children's Museum of Utica, NY
Had been dubbed "World Famous" because of
The 2-"Guinness World Records" it's held (2003 & 2007).
It has also been featured in
2-different "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" Books,
Prepare To Be Shocked (2008) and Expect ... The Unexpected (2011).

The collection belongs to:
Hot Wheels Author and Die Cast Hall of Fame Hot Wheels Historian
Mike Zarnock... who's been featured in many
TV Shows, Documentary's, News and Magazine Articles
Around the world.

Click on the video to see so many different
Hot Wheels Toys, Clothing, Crayons, Slippers, Yo-Yo's
And just about anything else you can think of
With a Hot Wheels logo on it!

This is definitely something to see,
Whether you collect Hot Wheels or not!

To learn more about Mike Zarnock
Click here for his Biography!

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