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Click the photo to watch the video. April 25, 2022

Click the photo to watch the video. April 22, 2022

Click the photo to watch the video. March 3, 2022, 2022

"The Thing About Cars" Podcast
April 18, 2023
Playing With Hot Wheels with Mike Zarnock

"Car Crazy Radio with Brendan Cresswell"
April 16, 2022
Interview with Mike Zarnock on "Car Crazy"

"The Car Collector Podcast"
April 7, 2022
The Biggest Little Car Collector: Mike Zarnock.

"Wrench Nation TV"
February 13, 2022
#249 Hot Wheels Mania : Guinness Book World Record Holder : Mike Zarnock.
Mike Zarnock Hot Wheels Passion!

"Get A Real Job!"
January 9, 2022
Mike Zarnock World's Biggest Hot Wheels Collector.
Mike Zarnock really, really, really loves Hot Wheels. Really.

"Cars Yeah"
December 16, 2021 Episode 1968
Hot Wheels, Hot Rods and a Kool Hot Wheels Coloring Book!
If you're going to collect Hot Wheels, don't do it for monetary reasons. Collect what you like and what makes you happy!

January 10, 2018 Episode 942
Hot Wheels and Dragsters!
Live your life so the preacher doesn't have to lie at your funeral!

"Car Culture Nation"
November 19, 2021 Episode 1
Mike Zarnock a world record holding Hot Wheels icon that's just as well known on the racing scene as he is for his collection.
Strap yourselves in for a ride to remember for the first full length episode of the Car Culture Nation Podcast.

"Studio City Now with Michele Marotta"
November 29, 2020
Chatting with Hot Wheels Guy - Mike Zarnock
We talk about my brother Tony Wood, George Barris and Barris Kustom (Batmobile), SEMA and a lot more!

"Around The World With Ray"
August 8, 2017 Episode #10
Talking with Mike Zarnock - Hot Wheels Collector

"Saturday Nitro"
Feb. 28, 2010
The 2010 Diecast Space Convention Re-Cap Show!

November 22, 2009
Live From Mike Zarnock's Hot Wheels Room!

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